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Small Bead Board – 8×12


This Small bead board measures 8×12 inches and it comes with the cover!  It is a great size for small projects or to take your project with you.


The Small Bead Board Envy – 8×12  is perfect for small projects or on the go.  It comes with the cover to keep your project in place on the board.  The work surface is 6.5 x 10.5 inches.  Optionally, you can add:

  • 10 wells across the top
  •  15 magnets, 10 with the wells and another row of 5 under the wells, along with 15 magnetized beads: A-O
  • A Drawer – 3.25 x 8 x 1 inch
  • Sleeve and pouch

Fabric Options can be found at https://comebeadwithme.com/bead-board-fabric-options/

Fabric Color

1. Pink and Blue Flowers, 2. Turquoise Crushed Velvet, 3. Royal Blue, 4. Silver and Multi-color Metallic, 5. Black with Green Fronds, 6. Navy Blue and White Print, 7. Blue and Green Tie-Dye, 8. Daffodils, 9. Turquoise Roses, 10. Mint Green with Pink Roses, 11. Red and Black Tribal Print, 12. Leopard, 13. Black with Coral Roses, 14. Mint Green, 15. Green, white and grey print, 16. Yellow Daisies, 17. Blue, Red and Purple Flowers, 18.Blue and Green Flowers, 19. Black and White Print, 20. Black, Brown and Blue Print


Yes, No


Yes, No


Yes, No


Yes, No

Sleeve Color

Not Applicable, Black, Turquoise, Royal, Red