This is the story of how I created these 2 peyote beaded flower patterns.

If you are new to peyote beading, check out my tutorial, How to Peyote Stitch.

When I first started beading, I bought a floral bracelet pattern that was yellows and browns.  I really liked the pattern but yellow is my least favorite color.  I thought I could swap the yellow beads for a different color.  However,  I didn't realize that the pattern was computer generated, thus the image was pixelized and it took 16 colors!  That would be about $50 just to buy all the beads.  Because of how the computer had generated such a complex pattern, It wasn't a simple case of swapping one bead color for another.  I was so disappointed, I never made that bracelet.

Fast forward a few years and I wanted to design a flower bracelet from scratch with no computer help.  Well, I did study those computer generated patterns to figure out how to do it.  Because I was torn between doing a simple pattern that didn't require a lot of colors and a more complex pattern, I did both.  My simple pattern uses 8 colors and the complex pattern uses 13.

If you have access to my Bead Vault, you can find the Daisy pattern here.

You can purchase the Daisy Bracelet Pattern Here.

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flower peyote bracelet pattern
beaded flower bracelet

This week, I will talk about the pink daisy version and next week I will tell you about the more complex peach version. Trying to make peyote beaded flower patterns is not as easy as it looks!

The picture below shows some of the progression I went through, trying to create a simple flower pattern.  The flower is 3 colors, the leaves are 3 colors, the centers are one color.  With the background color, that makes a total of 8 colors.

progression of designing a flower pattern

The leaves started out as an outline. Then I went to a more random format, but the light green beads looked too much like the light blue beads in the background when they were together.  By the fourth picture, I had changed the background color slightly so then my leaves no longer needed to be an outline. Without a doubt, I love the leaves with the veins going up the middle way more than the outlined leaves, especially with the peach daisy version. In some of the earlier versions, I tried to make the edges look more rounded by using a lighter color in the corners.  With only 3 colors, the result wasn't what I was looking for and I definitely preferred it when the entire flower was outlined.

I happen to like the dark color outlining the flowers, but I had to cut back on the light color in the center of each petal because I was going into a second 7.5gm tube of beads which I did not want to do.

If I had beads in a color that coordinated with the flower centers, I would have added a few of them in for contrast.  But, I did not want to add another bead color for less than 30 beads.

Did I say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this color combination and I am not a big fan of pink!  I don't think there is a single pink item in my wardrobe!

The bracelet measures 1.9 inches wide by seven inches long.

Next week I'm going to talk about how I tried to add depth and contrast with the peach version of it.


Pink Daisy Peyote BraceletPink Daisy Peyote Bracelet

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