Several of you answered my short little survey, if you haven't answered it yet, please do so here. One common frustration was the inability to pick out a color scheme for a bead project.  I have been there done that.  This bracelet is proof!

hexagon peyote bracelet

Do you ever have an idea about something, that just seems to be too easy and simple of a solution, but if it works it would be brilliant?  Well, my friends, I had a brilliant thought, and so far, the results are looking pretty good.

I was intrigued by this subject because I was wanting to re-do some of my geometric patterns with different color schemes.  I think that if you see a pink bracelet and you hate pink, you are not going to try to imagine it in blue or green.  

So I was going back to some of my old patterns and trying to come up with a new colorway.  Honestly, this was the best I could do.  Good ole red, white and black.

red, white and grey bracelet pattern

Although, I did manage a little more creativity with brown, purple and teal for the Amanda bracelet.

brown, purple and teal bracelet pattern

And then it came to me.  Why not use a palette generator to come up with color schemes?

A site like provides ready made color schemes or you can generate your own. First I went to "explore trending palettes" and picked the first one.  If 25,000 people like it, how can it go wrong?

palette color scheme
orange and teal bracelet pattern

WOW! That came out awesome.  Let's try another one. 

blue, pink and purple bracelet pattern

Next I went to the palette generator. Let's say you have a purple that you want to use, (I'm not an expert at using this web site) I keep hitting the space bar until I get a purple color. You can click on the grid icon and it will give you lots of shade for that color.  Hit the lock icon, and keep hitting the space bar, locking the colors you like as you go.  I ended up with this.

palette with green purple blue
purple, blue, green bracelet pattern

I could do this all day.  Below are more options I came up with.  Some of them may not be colors that you like, but you have to admit, all of the color schemes look good together.

purple, red and yellow bracelet pattern
purple, blue and orange bracelet pattern
green, red and purple bracelet pattern
red, white and blue bracelet pattern

I want you to give it a try.  Send me a color palette and I will create a Diamonds  pattern and email it back to you FOR FREE!  This is a limited time opportunity for the first 25 people so don't wait!

Use the Microsoft Snipping Tool to "cut out" the palette of your choice and save it as a jpg file.

The video below will show you how to do it.  Don't worry about the name of your file, the upload will rename it with your email address, that's how I will know where it came from.

I hope you find this method useful to pick out a color scheme for a bead project, let me know what you think!

Upload Color Palette Here: *
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Here are the designs readers have sent in.  These people have gotten free patterns, have you?

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