Today I am going to highlight peyote stitch patterns for beginners and introduce my Hearts bracelet pattern.

hearts bracelet

This is obviously a great Valentine's Day bracelet, but I also think it would make a great Mother's Day bracelet.

When I don't have a project to work on I start to lose my mind.  I don't know how it happened that I had not planned ahead for my next project.  I finished the Red Pansies bracelet and while I have 3 bracelet designs to work on, they all needed beads that I don't have!  I placed an order for beads and thought I could wait for their arrival, but after 2 days, I couldn't take it anymore.

You have to understand that I do not stop "doing".  Beading fills in the gaps between projects or chores, or what I turn to when I need a mental break.  I always have a project in the house to work on while I'm "waiting" for my husband, or just have 10 minutes with nothing to do.

I needed a project to bead until my beads arrived by mail.  I sat down and came up with a simple design that only uses a few colors that I already have.  I live in the middle of Alabama so there is not a bead store close to me.

hearts bracelet folded in half

This is a very easy pattern, but to create the symmetry, it uses odd count peyote stitch.  I know I just heard a collective groan.  Odd stitch peyote is not to be feared.  Like you, I feared it for the longest time, but once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake.  You will wonder why you avoided it all this time.  Check out my post on odd-count peyote if you find it troublesome.

Another great peyote stitch patterns for beginners is my "Crossing the Line" bracelet.  This pattern is also FREE which is an added benefit.  If you are logged into the WEB site, then you can download it here.  If you don't have an account, create one here, then you can access all of my free patterns!

diagonal bracelet

It's a simple pattern that only requires 5 colors.  Below are some more color options that might spark some ideas for you.

red, white and blue bracelet pattern
red, white and green version of diagonal bracelet

Another great free peyote patterns is my Ombre Bracelet Pattern, which is also a great beginner pattern.  Just pick 4 colors and practice peyote with this bracelet.  Instructions for making a clasp can be found here.

easy peyote bracelet pattern

I hope you've seen something that interests you.  If you want the Crossing The Line pattern, but don't want to create an account, then submit your email below and I will send it to you.

For more free peyote patterns, check out 12 Free Peyote Beading Patterns.  You gotta love free!!

Peyote Stitch Patterns for BeginnersPeyote Stitch Patterns for BeginnersPeyote Stitch Patterns for Beginners

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