This is the second peyote stitch bracelet featuring birds.  The first pattern was the Yellow Bird in White Flowers.  The third pattern is a Bird in the Dogwoods.  This peyote bracelet pattern features a beautiful peacock.  This is my favorite bracelet so far.

peacock bracelet

This bracelet measures 1.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches long without the clasp.  It uses 36 colors, mostly blues and aquas.  This is probably why it's my favorite pattern: because I love aquas so much!

The detail in the tail came out beautifully without having to use an over abundance of colors.  I like to keep the maximum number of colors I use in a pattern to around 36.  That uses all of my alphabet pins and number pins, although I don't like to use 'O' and '0' or '1' and 'I' because they look pretty much the same.  I will skip the zero and one.  Thirty-six colors fill up the wells of my bead board plus 2 extra rows.  I find this amount to be manageable.  Plus, I still have room to work.

Note: The pins on the board had been pulled out so that I could put the cover on for traveling.

bead board

This peyote stitch bracelet is one of many patterns featured on this web site.  From flowers to butterflies, holidays, geometric to abstract, there is something for everyone.

All of my patterns can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page.  Of course all patterns are free to Bead Vault members. Find out what it takes to join the Bead Vault here.  One low price gives you unlimited access to ALL of the patterns and classes.

Peyote Stitch  Bracelet – PeacockPeyote Stitch  Bracelet – PeacockPeyote Stitch  Bracelet – Peacock

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