This Yellow Bird bracelet is the latest addition to my peyote stitch bracelet patterns.  It is the first of three bird patterns.  Next is a Peacock then a Bird with Purple flowers.

The flowers are supposed to blend into the background making the bird the center of attention.  If I had it to do over, I would have used a different accent color on the head of the bird.  The galvanized lemon with its shiny finish doesn't look quite right.  A dark yellow-gold would probably have been better.  But I like the rest of it and the picture doesn't do it justice.

yellow bird with white flowers bracelet

It has 27 colors.  The bracelet is 1.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches long before the clasp.

The pattern can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page.  Of course, it's free for all Bead Vault members.  You can learn about the Bead Vault here, or check out what's in the Vault including the free patterns here.

If you like peyote stitch bracelet patterns, then you have come to the right place!  You can easily find all of the free patterns gathered together for you in one spot here.

There are plenty of other flower patterns, Peach Daisies, Pink Daisies, Red Pansies and Pink Roses.

For a change of pace, there are Purple Mountains, a Sunset, and Butterflies.

There are also plenty of geometric and holiday bracelet patterns.  Still looking for something new?  Sign up for my email list and get notified when something new is released.

Yellow Bird Peyote Bracelet PatternYellow Bird Peyote Bracelet Pattern

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