I couldn't go for very long without releasing another addition to my peyote bracelet patterns collection.  This bracelet started out as yellow and peach roses but ended up as pink roses.

2 beaded bracelets

I wasn't crazy about all of the "empty space" around the roses, so I added another rose bud.  It was too long for me, so I shorted the stems to bring the roses closer together.  I wasn't crazy about how the peach and yellow beads looked together, but I couldn't find the right combination of either yellow beads or peach beads to make it come together.  That's how I ended up with pink.  I love the blue contrast for the background.

The pattern uses 12 colors which makes it quite manageable. Five colors for the leaves, 6 colors for the flowers and 1 color for the background.  The color for the roses can change, as long as you have 6 colors in the same color family in various degrees of intensity.  

I have worked up a purple version, peach and red version based on beads that I have on hand.  I haven't found 6 yellow colors that I like together.

purple roses pattern picture
picture of red roses pattern

The pattern for this bracelet can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page.  It contains all 4 color versions of the bracelet.  Of course, the pattern is free to all the Bead Vault members.  Learn all about the Bead Vault here.  You can check out all of my peyote bracelet patterns in the Bead Vault.  The free patterns are in there too.  To access the free patterns, you must signup for an account on the WEB site.  You can do that here if you don't already have an account.  Signing up for an account does not automatically put you on the newsletter email list.  You can signup for that below.

Pink Roses – Peyote Bracelet PatternsPink Roses – Peyote Bracelet Patterns

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