I love to make a peyote beaded bracelet! I love to see the design come to life as I bead down the rows. Sometimes, the colors go together perfectly and sometimes, well, not so perfectly.  There have been many times that I have had to rip it apart and start over.  I am currently working on a floral design that I have re-done about 10 times!  You can read about my Peach Daisy pattern here.

peyote beaded bracelet

Geometric designs are definitely the easiest to design, but they do require the right color combination, otherwise they fall flat. This is a great design if you have lots of leftover beads, kind of like a scrap quilt.  The diamonds could be made with three colors instead of two and the triangles could be made with two colors instead of one.  Just don't go crazy with a lot of different colors!  Like I said, creativity is all about trial and error.  You can't be afraid to give it a try.  You might love it, and if you hate it, you can just rip it out and start over.

If you are looking for a peyote beaded bracelet, then check out my Patterns and Kits page to see this bracelet and all of the different designs that are available, some of them are even free!

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If peyote beading is new to you, then check out my tutorial, how to peyote stitch, to learn all the basics.

Peyote Beaded Bracelet – AmandaPeyote Beaded Bracelet – Amanda

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