We say it every year, don't we? "I can't believe Christmas is almost here!"  Why does it always sneak up on us when we have 365 days to prepare for it?  This penguin bracelet was the first Christmas peyote bracelet pattern I designed.  You don't have to be a penguin lover to love this bracelet.  It's cute and fun, and it only uses a few colors. Not much room for mistakes so you will need to pay close attention to the pattern as you bead.  Did you know that penguins live exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere and they poop every 20 minutes?  Visit seaword.org for more fun penguin facts.

Don't know how to peyote?  Check out my tutorial on how to peyote stitch to learn this amazing technique!  This was one of the first bracelets I made so the clasp is a little basic.  You can check out this tutorial on how to make a basic clasp.  Recently, I have started to pay more attention to how the clasp can be integrated into the design of the piece.  Check out the Sherry Bracelet for examples of how to take the clasp to the next level.

christmas penguin peyote bracelet

This bracelet measures just under 2 inches wide by 6.25 inches long.  I have tiny little wrists and I don't like my bracelets to be real long.  I have created a longer version by spacing out the penguins which is 7.5 inches long.

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“Holiday Penguins” Peyote Bracelet Pattern“Holiday Penguins” Peyote Bracelet Pattern“Holiday Penguins” Peyote Bracelet Pattern“Holiday Penguins” Peyote Bracelet Pattern

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