This is the second part of my journey with the daisy peyote beading bracelets.  In my Pink Daisy Peyote Bracelet post, I showed you the simple version of my Daisy Bracelet and the transformation it went through in the creation process.  Now I'm going to show you the steps I took to create a more three-dimensional version.

This is an even-count peyote project using size 11 Delicas.

flower peyote bracelet pattern

My goal was to create a more realistic looking flower that didn't require a LOT of bead colors.  Now, when you look at computer pixelated images, it just looks like random dots that your eye merges into a cohesive picture. So, naturally, I just threw in a bunch of dots and hoped for a miracle.

creating a flower peyote pattern

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Lets just say computers do a much better job at making random dots look like an actual 'thing'.

I found myself basically back where I was with the pink daisy pattern, only I had 4 colors instead of 3.  However, the leaves looked perfect from the start, so at least I got that right!

I was pretty frustrated by now.  There were probably more iterations that I didn't take pictures of.  I didn't like the jagged outline and I didn't like the 'gaps' in the outline.  But, more importantly, it was a 'flat' flower.  I had to go back to the drawing board to add 'depth'.

It took quite a few more tries before I had something I thought was pretty good.  Not as good as computer generated, but good enough.  This is why geometric peyote beading bracelets are so much easier to do!

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Peach Daisy Peyote BraceletPeach Daisy Peyote BraceletPeach Daisy Peyote BraceletPeach Daisy Peyote Bracelet

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