This easy peyote bracelet pattern is the perfect starting design for someone who has never done peyote before.  The design does not rely on the exact placement of each bead, so if you skip one you can just move it close by.  The pattern is really there just to help keep the colors in proportion, so that you know when to end one color and begin the next.  It's also a great pattern because it does not rely on specific colors, you just need 3 coordinating colors and a metallic. 

You do need a specific bead to do this bracelet, they're called Miyuki Delicas size 11/0. Do not confuse them with seed beads 11/0.  They are squared off at the end so that they interlock together.  They run about $3 to $4 for a 7.5gm tube, except for the gold ones, they're $8 to $10.  They come in all kinds of colors and finishes: matte, shiny, transparent, pearl, you can go crazy trying to pick one out.

purple ombre bracelet
delica beads


The amazing thing is the result.  For such a simple pattern, the bracelet looks fabulous!  I get so many compliments every time I wear it.  The secret is the gold beads, or you could use silver if you prefer.  The metallic beads make this bracelet look like a million bucks!  They're expensive but they make all the difference!

If you've never done beading before, but would like to give it a try, this is the pattern you should start with.  It's so easy and you'll be so happy with the result! 

The bracelet is 34 columns by 93 rows. It measures 1.88 inches wide (47.75mm) by 6.44 inches long (16.36cm).  You can easily add rows and/or columns to make it wider or longer.  The clasp will also add to the length.  If you need instructions on how to make the clasp, you can find it here, how to make a clasp.

A note about the pattern: It shows the colors as very distinct separate colors.  This was so that you could easily see the difference between the beads.  The colors in the pattern are NOT how I am recommending you make the bracelet.

To make downloading patterns easier, I have put all of the patterns in one spot.  I call it The Bead Vault.  It contains free patterns as well as patterns that require a nominal fee to access.  The free patterns will require a one time "check-out" process.  You will not be asked for a credit card.  I know all of the steps are a bit of a hassle for a free pattern, but it allows you to easily come back and download more patterns in the future.  You can see everything that's in The Vault here.

Ombre Peyote Bracelet

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