Peyote beaded squares are one of the most versatile things you can make with peyote stitch.

beaded square

When you beading a square, it is very similar to beading a circle.  At least they start out the same.  The first decision you need to make is whether you want to make a square or a rectangle, or possibly a hexagon.  You need to decide if all the sides will be the same size and what that size will be.  Or maybe you want a rectangle.

The square on the left was made with size 15 rocailles and size 11/0 Delicas.  There are 10 beads on each side.  It measures an inch in diameter.

Peyote Beaded Square
beaded jewelry square

The square on the right was made with 11/0 Delicas, 12/0 seed beads and the turquoise beads are 8/0.  It measures 1.5 inches in diameter.

The same technique can be used to make as many sides as you want.  Just remember that the more sides you have, the bigger the piece will be.  The hexagon pictured above was made with 10 beads on each side and it was a pretty tight fit.  

The chart below is a quick reference guide to show you how to bead the square. It does not include the first 4 rows of the smaller beads.  It can be download in the course section, which can be accessed here.

chart for beading a square

How To Make a Square

You can access the complete video tutorial to learn this technique. I also show you how to make this unique bracelet.  I needed to do something with all these squares, so I made a bracelet which I named Emery after my new baby granddaughter.The bracelet is very easy to make, especially if you make the simple diagonal stripes version.  And because it's only 8 beads across, you can get it beaded in no time!

bracelet with square

I hope you find the videos useful, thank you for checking out my latest project.

beaded bracelets with squares
How To Bead a SquareHow To Bead a Square

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