Today I'm going to show you how to bead a leaf.  Nothing fancy, just a simple leaf.  I use this leaf with my beaded pansies and next time I'm going to show you a new bracelet I'm working on that features the pansy.  There is a PDF download at the end of this post if you would like it for future reference.

Pansy Bracelet


Step 1.

My leaf measures 1 inch from tip to tip and 5/8 of an inch in width. 

Put 16 Delicas on your needle.  I used the rocailles as decoration, they are optional.

beaded leaf step 1

Step 2.

Pick up a rocaille and a Delica and peyote back up through the 16 beads.

beaded leaf step 2
beaded leaf

Step 3.

When you reach the top, pick up a rocaille and Delica and peyote back, stopping 1 bead short of the end. If you are making a large leaf, you can stop 2 beads short of the ends so you don’t have a really fat leaf.

Step 4.

Pick up a rocaille and a delica, peyote back, stopping 1 bead short of the end.  Continue this way until you get down to 1 bead per side and you have 4 gold beads down each side.  It’s up to you if you want to put a bead in the last slot.


Now for the other side.

Weave around to the bottom of the leaf (where you started).  Your thread needs to be coming up out through the second bead as shown in the picture.  Now peyote up the side, stopping one bead short of the end,  and then continue on like the first side.

How to Bead a LeafHow to Bead a Leaf

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