peyote bracelet with beaded clasp

I like to make the clasp of a peyote bracelet part of the design, I think it makes the bracelet look like it all blends together.  Clasps are so easy to make and you never have to worry about matching the design of the clasp to the design of the jewelry. Check out the download of my step-by-step instructions at the end of this post.


  • Size #15 Miyuki Rocailles.  These are tiny little beads, generally only found in bead stores or online.
  • Size #11 Delicas
  • Beading thread - Fireline
  • Beading needle
  • 4 - 4mm beads
  • Optional:  Seed beads for decoration

Basic knowledge of Peyote stitch is assumed.

NOTE:  I have used a different color for each round so that you can see how it’s done. 

Part 1: The Ring

Round 1 & 2: Pick up 40 Miyuki 15s and make a circle going back through the first bead.  Hold onto the tail with your fingers.  The beads will become loose, but they will tighten up after you add a couple beads. The black beads are round 1, the red beads are round 2.  This will become more evident as we weave the next rounds.

round 1 and 2 of making a clasp

Round 3: Using Peyote stitch, weave another round of 15s.

When you get to the last bead of the round, in this example, the last white bead of round 3 is going in between the last 2 black beads of round 2.  But then there’s the first white bead of round 3 sitting right there next to it.  After going through the last black bead, you need to pass through the first white bead of round 3.  This is called the “step up”. 

beading "step-up"

Round 4-7: Weave 4 rounds of Delicas, always careful to “step-up” through the first bead of the current round.  It is tempting to take the last bead directly into the first bead of the round without going through the last bead of the previous round, but this will cause the beads to not lay snug.  It will start to curl into a ‘basket’ shape.


Round 8-10:  Weave over to the other side and weave 3 rounds of Delicas.

Note: You will weave 1 less round on this side than the other side, otherwise the 2 sides won’t fit together.

the clasp will start to curl around

Now weave the 2 sides together, going from the “out” bead on one side (orange) to the “in” bead (blue) on the other side.

weave the 2 sides of the clasp together

Optional:  Embellish the outer edge.  You can use your imagination here.  Going underneath the orange beads, you can put seed beads, or 3 size 15s to form a peak.

embelish the outer edge

Part 2: The Bar

Round 1: Pick up 18 Delicas.  Make sure you have a stop bead.

Round 3-10: Weave 7 more rounds of Delicas.

There will be 5 beads along each edge.  Fold it in half lengthwise.  The “out” beads should match up with the “in” beads on the other side.

weave delicas to make the bar

Sew these two edges together.

I like to finish off the ends with a bead, 4-6mm.  Your thread will be coming out a bead, so you can’t add the bead to this.  You need to go down the bead next to it and come out in the middle of the tube.  Push the needle the rest of the way through the tube and out the other side. Pick up the 4mm bead and a Delica or a Miyuki #15.  Pass back through the 4mm bead.

Push the needle out the other side and repeat with the 4mm bead and Delica.

Push the needle from the inside of the tube to the outside of the tube, as close to the middle as you can get.  You may have to weave through a few beads to get to the middle.  Pick up a Delica, 4mm bead, and 3 Delicas.  Pass through the item you are attaching to, add 3 Delicas, pass back through the 4mm bead and Delica and weave through the bar.  Pass back through between the attached piece and the bar, making sure you have a strong attachment.

sew the 2 edges together
add a bead to attach it
add a bead to the ends
finished clasp

Access the complete, step-by-step guide to making a clasp in The Vault.  To make downloading patterns easier, I have put all of the patterns in one spot.  I call it The Vault.  It contains free patterns as well as patterns that require a nominal fee to access.  The free patterns will require you to create an account.  I know all of the steps are a bit of a hassle for a free pattern, but it allows you to easily come back and download more patterns in the future.  You can see everything that's in The Vault here.

How to bead a Clasp

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  • Thank you for the patterns, they are beautiful. Peyote is my most favorite. I just can’t seem to get the hang of odd count. I will by the end of the year,(I HOPE).. I’m a left hand beader. Thanks your work is beautiful.

    • Kathy,

      Have you checked out the easy way to do odd-count? I hated odd count too until I realized there was an easier way to do it, now it’s a piece of cake. I explain it here -

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