Are you looking for a Valentine's bracelet pattern?  You are in the right spot.  I'm going to start the new year with a gift, this Hearts and Flowers bracelet pattern that I am adding to the free beading bracelet patterns collection.

heart and flowers bracelet

Do you ever look at a pattern and wonder how it would look if you changed a few colors?  I had originally planned for it to have a light background.  The background in the middle piece below is DB0051.  These beads are not perfectly cylindrical, they have a very slight facet to them.  I thought it would make for a "diamond" effect.  However, the light pink in the flowers got lost in all that white.  On top of that, these beads are ever so slightly bigger than regular Delicas, so they distort the beads around them.  They also SHRED your thread! I then tried DB0050, but the effect wasn't any better and I just don't like transparent beads.  

The third piece shows DB-621, Silver Lined Light Apricot,   which doesn't look that bad.  When I went to the bead program to change the colors around, I thought I would make the centers the same yellow to give more contrast to the flowers.  When I went to change the background, I accidentally put in a dark blue and loved it!  I also took out the "highlights" in the flower petals because I didn't love that.

hearts and flowers bracelet

However, I didn't love the yellow and the smaller flower was too straight across the bottom.  You can see in the small flower under the heart where I added a couple of beads to the bottom.  That looks much better.

hearts and flowers bracelet with aqua background

This version has an aqua background (DB-792 Matte Grey Blue ), the light green is (DB-2121 Duracoat Kiwi) and light pink for the centers (DB-624 Silver-Lined Light Rose). (Thank you Teresa for beading this one for me).

I am providing this bracelet pattern for free, along with all my other free beading bracelet patterns - Crossing the Line, Stacked Pumpkins, Holiday Penguins, and Hex Bracelet.  You just need to sign up for my newsletter, which you can cancel at any time!

Hearts and Flowers BraceletHearts and Flowers Bracelet

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