It happens every year.  The "Holidays" sneak up on us.  Never mind we are reminded they are coming starting in July when the retail stores start getting Halloween decorations.  Let's start with the Halloween beaded bracelet patterns, along with a Thanksgiving pattern and a generic "Autumn" pattern.  Those 2 holidays blend together because the color schemes are the same so I'm going to treat them as one.  

All 4 of these bracelets are made with size 11/0 Delicas and use even-count peyote stitch.

Halloween bracelet pattern

These 2 Halloween patterns were released last year, but I'm including them here so that you can find everything in one spot.  This stacked pumpkins pattern is free, you can signup for it below.  It's 2 inches wide by 6.75 inches long.

The "BOO" Halloween bracelet pattern can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page, or is free when you join my Bead Vault.  It's 2.25 inches wide by 6.4 inches long.

BOO Halloween Bracelet

I have 2 new bracelets this year, "Autumn Leaves" and "Give Thanks".

"Autumn Leaves" reminds me of the trees turning colors in Autumn.  It's 1.7 inches wide by 7 inches long.  Note how I am now trying to make an effort with the clasp.  Many thanks to Valerie for showing me that the clasp should not be an afterthought.

Autumn Leaves Peyote Bracelet

Thanksgiving is one of those Holidays that you just don't see a lot of patterns for.  There are lots of Halloween beaded bracelet patterns and let's not even compare to Christmas patterns.  It's like a second-class holiday when it comes to decorations.  Of course there are decorations in the stores, but nothing like Halloween or Christmas.  It's like a pit stop on the road between those two Holidays.  I created this bracelet because I loved the little turkey and I needed to put him into something.  The bracelet is 2.1 inches wide by 6.8 inches long.  If you don't mind a wider bracelet, you could add a row down each side to that the word 'THANKS' isn't right up to the edge.

Give Thanks Peyote Bracelet

Both of these bracelet patterns can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page, or are free when you join my Bead Vault.

But, just like every year, the Holidays will be here before you know it.  Of course, it's never to late to get ready for next year!

Halloween Beaded Bracelet PatternsHalloween Beaded Bracelet PatternsHalloween Beaded Bracelet PatternsHalloween Beaded Bracelet Patterns

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