If your family is anything like mine, they have no idea what to buy me for a gift, so I have to help them out a bit. Online shopping has made this process so much easier!  If you are looking for ideas to pass along to your friends and family as great gifts for beaders then keep reading. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself.  Here are 7 things that would be at the top of my list. (not in any particular order)

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1. Flush Cutters

I don't know about you, but I use Fireline for almost all of my beading.  Fireline does not cut easily with regular scissors, you need a pair of cutters.  This is not where you want to buy one of those cheap, 5 tools in 1 sets.  Those cutters will quickly dull and rust.  You want a good stainless steel pair that will stay sharp and not rust.  Flush cutters cut "flat" against the surface so you pretty much cut all the thread you've got sticking out.  I have this pair of OHM's that I bought at Fire Mountain Gems.   Or you can check out this pair at Amazon.

2. Thread Burner

If you don't get your threads cut flush with your project, then you need a thread burner to get rid of it.  If you're not using one, you need to get one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it!  

3. Bead Storage

This topic is one of personal preference, but there are 2 types of storage that stand out for storing Delicas.

A. Elizabeth Ward Storage Containers

Developed by a beader, Elizabeth Ward's Bead Storage Solutions are probably the "ultimate" solution for storing all types of beads.  It is very durable and comes with labels to keep everything organized.  It might be a bit pricey for some people, but worth it if you can afford it.  They are available at Fire Mountain Gems and on Amazon.

B. "Tic-tac" Containers

For the more budget conscious, there's flip-top containers.  These were made for diamond painting, but they work perfectly for Delicas! You can get them with a case if you don't have anywhere to store them.  Many years ago, a friend gave me a piece of furniture that he inherited from his grandmother.  He thinks it was to store sheet music.  The drawers are only an inch deep.  I finally have a use for it!

4. Work Light

This is one of those things that we know we need, but we decide to just "make-do" with what we have.  Why is that a bad idea?  Two reasons 1)It strains your eyes which can lead to eye strain or worse, and 2) You make mistakes when you don't see well. Noone enjoys ripping out work because you put a navy bead instead of a black bead.

This rechargeable, portable light can clip-on or it has a magnet so it can stick to metal.   The neck lights are also a good option.  Make sure you are looking at a rechargeable light and not one that has to be plugged in.

5. Patterns

Every beader needs a project (or two) to work on. Projects usually require a pattern.  While I have a few patterns on my Patterns and Kits Page, the motherlode of patterns is on Etsy.  An Etsy gift certificate would be the perfect gift for any beader.  Besides patterns and tutorials, you can find beads, supplies, tools, etc.

You can also check out my Bead Vault.  All my patterns and tutorials for one low price.

6. Bead Kits

Bead Kits are especially great for projects that have more than 10 bead colors, or if the project has colors that only need a few beads.  Everything is already pre-packaged and you don't waste a lot of money buying extra beads you're not going to use.  My patterns are also available as kits on my Patterns and Kits page.  Again, Etsy has lots and lots of bead kits.

bead kit box

7. Bead Board

A bead board is a "must-have" for any beader.  They give you a nice work surface that doesn't allow the beads to roll all over the place.  Bead Board Envy comes with optional drawers and optional bead wells.  The wells are nice when you are working on projects with lots of bead colors.  The drawers are nice if you need to take your project from place to place or on a road trip.  The drawers raise the surface of the board which makes for a nice height if you are beading in your lap.

Those are just a few of my favorite things.  What's at the top of your gift list?

Gifts for BeadersGifts for Beaders

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