In this post, I am highlighting 8 free peyote bracelet patterns on my site.  They do require that you create an account to download them.  You may opt-in to receive my emails, but you don't have to.  Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can access all of the free patterns and tutorials located in the Bead Vault.

1. Hearts and flowers peyote bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for Valentine's Day or a gift for Mom on Mother's Day.  You can learn about it here or download it here.  

2. Hexagon bracelet

hexagon beaded bracelet

This is a very easy bracelet to learn brick stitch.  You can catch the tutorial here, or if you already know brick stitch, you can download the pattern here.

3. crossing the line bracelet

diagonal bracelet

This is a great beginner pattern.  You can download it here.  If you want to see other color combinations for it, you can find them here.

4. Square bracelet - emery

picture of a blue and green bracelet

This is another very easy bracelet to make. The tutorial shows you how to bead a square and then how to assemble the bracelet. Get the full tutorial here.

5. ombre bracelet

easy peyote bracelet pattern

If you are terrified to try peyote beading, then this is the bracelet you should start with. It is foolproof as it's impossible to make a mistake with it.  Even though it's super simple, the bracelet is still going to look great!   Get the pattern here.

6. pansy bracelet

beaded pansy bracelet pattern

This red, white and blue bracelet is a great piece of jewelry for summer. Another unique bracelet, you can find the beading pattern and tutorial here.

7. stacked pumpkins

Halloween bracelet pattern

Get ready for Halloween with this pumpkins and ghost peyote bracelet.  You can download the pattern here.

8. Holiday Penguins

christmas penguin peyote bracelet

No list of free peyote bracelet patterns would be complete without everyone's favorite, these penguins are delightful and you can download the pattern here.

If you like any of these patterns, make sure you are on my mailing list so you don't miss out when I release other free peyote bracelet patterns.

Free Peyote Bracelet Patterns

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