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Stop searching the internet looking for tutorials on how to do beading stitches.  This ebook gives you step-by-step tutorials that will have you making beautiful jewelry projects today!

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Here’s what you’ll get with this ebook

This ebook covers 10 of the most common beading stitches with 2 beautiful jewelry designs.

Learn 10 of the most Common Beading Skills

Find everything you need to learn to bead in one place, with step-by-step tutorials and pictures. 

Video Tutorials

Access to video tutorials demonstrating how to perform various stitches.

ADDED BONUS: 10 Peyote Bracelet Patterns

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Get 2 FREE Beautiful Jewelry Patterns!
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Learn how to make these beautiful jewelry pieces!

This book will show you 10 essential skills for jewelry beading


Module 1: Even Count Peyote Stitch

This is the most common beading stitch.  If you don't learn anything else, this is the one to learn.


Module 2: Odd Count Peyote Stitch

No need to shy away from it: Learn the easy way to do odd count peyote.


Module 3: Ladder Stitch

The building block for so many other stitches.


Module 4: Herringbone Stitch

Learn Herringbone stitch and make a beautiful and earrings.


Module 5: Brick Stitch

Learn this versatile stitch that lets you make 2D shapes.


Module 6: How to make a Circle/Clasp

Learn how to make a circle and bar clasp.


Module 7: How to make a Square

Learn how to make a square or any multi-sided shape.


Module 8: How to make a Leaf

Learn how to make a leaf.


Module 9: How to make a Russian Leaf

Learn how to make a Russian leaf.


Module 10: How to make a Bezel for a Rivoli

Learn how to make a bezel for a rivoli or cabachon and make a beautiful necklace.

BONUS!! 10 Peyote Bracelet Patterns!

A $40 Value!

About the Course Teacher

Linda Sortino

Linda has been showing her creativity in many forms for the past 20 years, but jewelry design is her passion.  At first, she struggled to find information on the internet about how to get started with jewelry beading.  Not just stringing beads on a cord, but making intricate and beautiful designs.

Of particular interest, is Peyote bracelet designs. Linda loves to create Peyote patterns, from simple beginner patterns to more advanced, complex patterns.  So many ideas, so little time!

Linda started her career as a computer programmer, but has the rare talent of being creative AND a computer nerd!


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