At some point, we all need easy beading patterns.  It doesn't matter if you are an experienced beader or someone who is just learning.  There comes a time when your brain just needs to unwind and you need a pattern that doesn't require too much thought.  Repetitive patterns can be very easy to bead. Once you learn the pattern, the rest of the project can be done on autopilot.

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When I sat down to design Leila, I knew I wanted to create an ombre bracelet using multiple colors.  I came up with two very similar designs.

pattern of a multicolor bracelet
multicolor beaded bracelet

I really like the first pattern, too, it was a toss-up as to which one I was going to bead up. 

The bracelet on the right with the diamonds is 1.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long, NOT including the clasp.  I realize I have tiny little wrists, so the pattern contains a set of pinks added on. This adds another 1.25 inches for a total of 6.75 inches.  See the picture below.  Of course, with this type of repeating pattern, you can easily add length to the bracelet.  Either add another color patch, or make each color patch 4 colors instead of three.

The hexagon part of the clasp is not actually attached because I knew that I would be ripping out the pink rows and attaching it to the last purple row.  However, I kept the pink color scheme through the clasp.

multicolor beaded bracelet

Now for the bad news, this bracelet is odd-count peyote.  It's the only way to get symmetry in the pattern for this type of design.  If you have never done odd-count peyote before, then check out my post on the Christina jewelry set where I show you the easy way to do odd-count peyote.

Even with the easy way, I still prefer to do the last row with brick stitch, so no judging here if you prefer that way, too!

You can purchase the Leila bracelet pattern on my Patterns and Kits page.

There are several easy beading patterns that you might want to check out.  They don't get any easier than my ombre bracelet.

easy peyote bracelet pattern

My Hearts bracelet is also pretty easy, as is my diagonal bracelet.  You can get the Diagonal bracelet pattern for free by submitting your email below.

hearts bracelet
diagonal bracelet
Easy Beading PatternsEasy Beading PatternsEasy Beading PatternsEasy Beading Patterns

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