For those of you that celebrate Easter, and are looking for Easter jewelry, I have a very cute and fun Easter Bunny peyote bracelet.

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Bunny Bracelet

peyote bunny bracelet

It only uses 7 colors and 2 of them are black and white.  The other 5 colors you can probably substitute with something you have on hand.  The pattern is 1.75 inches by 6 inches without the clasp.  It can easily be shortened or lengthened.  We have 5 weeks until Easter so you have plenty of time to work on Easter jewelry.

2022 Update:  I changed the pattern a little bit to add more flowers to it.  I beaded it with a different color scheme from the original so that you can see how it would look with a softer background.  I probably would have used a slightly darker blue for the background, but it takes a more than a 7.5g tube and so I used what I had on hand.

beaded bracelet with bunny and flowers

The pattern has both versions.

closeup of bunny bracelet

Thank you to Cheryl  Sherry for beading this bracelet for me.  She used DB0754 for the green instead of DB2040, but like I said, this bracelet can easily be done with just about any colors. She happened to have size 15 rocailles that matched the edge, so she added a picot edging to the sides of the bracelet.

The version pictured below was beaded by Linda Hamm, thank you Linda!  It just shows that you probably have colors laying around that you can use for this project.  Linda wants to use it for a bookmark.  I love how you guys think outside the box!

bunny with flowers bracelet second version
bunny with flowers as a bookmark

You can purchase this pattern on my Patterns and Kits Page.  Of course, Bead Vault Members have access to all of the patterns and tutorials and can access the Easter Bunny pattern here.  Learn about all the great advantages to joining the Bead Vault here.

To give you more inspiration, I looked around the internet and found some other DIY Easter jewelry that might catch your eye.  Beaded Easter jewelry uses a lot of brick stitch: bunnies, chicks and eggs.

If you make any of the patterns here, please email a picture to me, I'd love to include it in this post!

This cute chick in an Easter egg is a brick stitch pattern.  The pattern can be found here. I think it would make very cute earrings and a pendant.  By my estimate, it's about 1.6 inches tall. 

Chick in Easter Egg

easter chick brick stitch pattern

I also found this cross tutorial.  The WEB site has step-by-step instructions with pictures.  If you wanted to make earrings to match, you could omit the bottom part of the cross so that the four sides were the same.  I bet you already have beads that you could make this with.  You might not have bicone beads, but I bet you have everything else.

beaded cross

For something different, check out this cross bracelet.  It looks very easy to make, it would be a great project to do with older kids or grandkids.  If the large cross bracelet connector isn't your thing, you could use some other kind of connector.  This rhinestone heart would also look great.

cross bracelet

bunny earrings

Check out these bunny earrings, also made from brick stitch.  You can find the complete tutorial for these bunny earrings here.

Easter Bunny BraceletEaster Bunny Bracelet

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