You have probably noticed by now that I love working with Miyuka Delica beads patterns.  Working with Delica beads is like working on a mosaic.  The patterns can be straightforward as with my geometric bracelets - Irish Luck, Amanda, and Sheila.  Or they can be more complicated patterns that require you to take a step back to really see the design.  If you look at them too close, they look like random dots, but if you back up a couple of feet, the dots magically form a beautiful image.  Sunset and Peacock are good examples of this.  

Don't you love the excitement of starting a new project?  Isn't it exciting to see the colors of the design come together as you bead down the rows?  

A Bird in the Dogwood is the third bracelet in my bird series.  Yellow Bird in White Flowers and Peacock were the other two.

It has 34 colors and is even count peyote.  The bracelet is 1.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches long before the clasp.

bracelet with a bird sitting on a branch
yellow bird with white flowers bracelet
peacock bracelet

Look at your computer screen from 3 feet away instead of a foot away and see how the individual colors blend together to make a clearer picture.

I am getting much better at making a clasp that blends with the bracelet pattern and becomes part of the design.  If you need help making a beaded clasp, then check out my post on How to Bead a Clasp.

These patterns as well as many other Delica beads patterns are available on the Patterns and Kits Page.  Of course, all of my patterns are free to Bead Vault members.  Click here to find out how you can join the Bead Vault for one low price!

Delica Beads Bracelet Patterns - Bird in the DogwoodDelica Beads Bracelet Patterns - Bird in the DogwoodDelica Beads Bracelet Patterns - Bird in the Dogwood

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