Delica bead patterns are fascinating.  They can be as simple as my Crossing the Line bracelet or complex like my Sunset Bracelet.  Or, you can make beautiful tapestries, all from these tiny little beads.  It's designing jewelry with mosaics.

For me, the process marries my computer background, (would you believe I have a BS in Computer Science and was a programmer back in the day when you actually programmed computers?)  with my creative side.  The first step is to find a picture that will be the basis of the design.  For this bracelet, I found a picture of pansies.  Then I cut out a 2 by 7 inch strip.  I might have to add things or subtract things or I might change the color.  The pansies could be red, pink, blue, purple ... you get the idea.

red pansy bracelet

Next, I run the picture through the bead program which converts the colors to beads.  I then compare the beads the program picked out to the actual bead color.  I talk more about this in the Sunset Bracelet.  I had no idea there were so many colors of Delica beads!  Every pattern I put through puts out a completely new set of beads! How many shades of red does one person need?  At some point, I can put my inventory into the computer and tell it to only use those beads.  

Then I start beading.  I must be getting better at it, because I only had to bead this bracelet once!  I did make some minor bead changes to the pattern, where a couple of the colors didn't blend as well as I thought they should have.

The pattern uses 35 colors and the bracelet measures 1.75 inches by 6.125 inches without the clasp.

You can find all of my Delica bead patterns in The Bead Vault.  You can find lots of free patterns and tutorials as well as paid patterns.  You can unlock ALL of the patterns with one low price, check out this great offer here, or you can purchase individual patterns on the Patterns and Kits Page.

red pansy bracelet with beads

Like so many of you, beading is my therapy.  I could sit with my bead board and bead all day, if only life with let me....

Delica Bead Patterns – Red Pansies BraceletDelica Bead Patterns – Red Pansies BraceletDelica Bead Patterns – Red Pansies Bracelet

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