Free Pattern – July 1 2022 – Pink/Peach Daisies

This pattern was my first attempt to add dimension to an object in my pattern.  I now use a more sophisticated program to do this.  The pink version uses less colors.

flower peyote bracelet pattern

Sorry, this pattern is no longer free.  Check out my Bead Vault and get all of my patterns and tutorials for one low price!

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  • Thank you for The free Daisy bracelet pattern. I know I’m going to enjoy making them. Deborah Commander

  • i wish the patterns would stay up longer.. I donot hang on the computer. i get on when i can. if its possible PLEASE, try to keep things up for people like me that work a million hours aweek, and don’t always get to the computer…. Thanks 🙂

    • I know what you mean, I’m like that too! The patterns generally stay up for a week because I don’t have time to take them down. It usually happens when I put up the next pattern.

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