Adding a rivoli or cabochon to a jewelry design adds a focal point that would be difficult to achieve with just beads. I'm going to show you how to bead a cabochon bezel setting.

Making the bezel is the opposite of making a circle: you start with bigger beads and end with smaller beads.

Step 1 - The Outside Circle

In this example, I am using a 14mm round Rivoli, with size 11 Delicas and #15 Rocailles. 

If you are not following a pattern, then the first thing you need to figure out is how many beads do you need to fit around the circumference of your Rivoli.  There may be some trial and error here, so don’t be in a hurry.

rivoli and beads for setting

I estimated 32 Delicas for this 14mm Rivoli.  Since you are using peyote, you need to make sure you have an even number of beads.

Check out my Cabochon/Rivoli Cheat Sheet at the end of this post that will estimate how many Delicas you need based on the size of your rivoli or cabochon.

rivoli with circle of delicas

Go back through the beginning bead to make a circle.  Peyote around the circle and step up through the first bead of the round to complete it.

It will be difficult to know if the measurement is exactly right, but if you put it up against the Rivoli, you should be able to tell if it is way too big or too small.

Add another round of peyote.

rivoli setting after 3 rounds

Step 2 - The Back

Now, do a round of peyote, using the size 15 rocailles.  I used red ones in the pictures so you could see what I was doing.

rivoli setting with a round of rocailles

Put the Rivoli into the bezel with the back side facing you.  It might be a little tight or a little loose.  Remember, you have to add or subtract 2 beads.  If it’s not the right size, then start over.

Do another 2 rounds of peyote with the #15s, pulling the string tight. 

Depending on the size and shape of your object, you might want to do another round.  

My Rivoli is fitting pretty snug with 3 rounds.

Weave around to the front and peyote a round of #15s.

The bezel might need a little coaxing to fit perfectly around the Rivoli.

rivoli front

Since this is a rather small Rivoli, one more round around the front should do it. 

If I did want to do another round, I would skip every other opening.  IE, add a bead, put your needle through the next 2 beads, add a bead, etc.

 It gives it a star design.  Now you have learned how to bead around a cabochon or rivoli!  
necklace with rivoli

Get the pattern and tutorial for this beautiful necklace in my ebook, Beading Basics with Linda. The book includes tutorials for 10 skills PLUS 12 free patterns.  And don't forget to download my cheat sheet on how many Delicas you need to start your circle for the cabochon bezel setting.

Cabochon Bezel SettingCabochon Bezel Setting

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