I made this butterfly peyote stitch pattern to say goodbye to summer.  Butterflies usually make you think of Spring, but they are also a universal symbol of re-birth and newness.  Besides that, a lot of people just really love butterflies!

BEADED butterfly bracelet

I was playing around with the clasp, trying to come up with something a little different.  After writing Peyote Stitch Bracelet Clasp, my view of clasps has changed completely.  I am trying to make the clasp part of the jewelry and not something that is slapped on at the end. This clasp is sort of a warped triangle that I folded over because the opening was way too big.  I made a 'triangle' using size 15 rocailles for the first 4 rows and then size 11 Delicas.  It sort of looks like butterfly wings don't you think?  I'm not really crazy about the 2 bars, although it doesn't look too bad when they are hooked through the 'wings'.

peyote stitch clasp

I went a little crazy with all of the colors in this pattern so I created another version of this butterfly peyote stitch pattern with 4 less colors. I also made this version a little longer, 7 5/8 inches instead of 7 inches. The bracelet is a hair shy of 2 inches wide.  I wish I had the time to make this version too!  Sooo many patterns, so little time.

butterfly peyote stitch pattern

You can purchase the pattern on the Patterns and Kits page, or if you are a Bead Vault member, you can download the pattern here.  To learn about the awesome benefits of becoming a Bead Vault member, click here.

I found this beautiful butterfly bracelet on the internet by Ellygator at https://www.deviantart.com/ellygator.  While we are on the subject of clasps, do you see in the green version how she rounded off one end and sewed in a snap to make a cuff?  I love this bracelet!  

Butterfly Peyote Stitch PatternButterfly Peyote Stitch PatternButterfly Peyote Stitch Pattern

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