Brick stitch bracelet patterns when combined with peyote stitch, give you the flexibility to let the design standout.  I first played around with this idea with the Hexagon Bracelet.  If you are not familiar with brick stitch, the Hexagon Bracelet has a brick stitch tutorial.  

hexagon beaded bracelet

 I took this idea a step further with the Robin bracelet.  I love how using brick stitch does not confine you to the strict rectangle shape of peyote.

peyote bracelet pattern

With the Marilyn bracelet, I have 3 variations on the same basic design.  The first variation is simply peyote stitch, encompassing the entire design in beads.  The second uses brick stitch to highlight the hexagons a bit more.  With the third variation, I added a butterfly from the Butterfly bracelet to add more interest.  I just love it when the design "hangs outside" of the main body of the bracelet.  NOTE: I did not have time to bead the entire bracelet again for the butterfly version.  I beaded the butterfly and then overlaid it on the bracelet I beaded.  You might notice that the picture is a little out of alignment.

The colors on this bracelet can easily be changed to fit your needs.  The bracelet measures 1.5 inches wide and you can make it any length that fits you.  

picture of a beaded bracelet pattern
beaded bracelet with hexagons
beaded bracelet with butterfly and hexagons

You can purchase the Marilyn Pattern on the Patterns and Kits page.  The pattern contains all 3 versions.

Of course, the pattern is free to all Bead Vault members.  You can learn about the Bead Vault here or check out all the brick stitch bracelet patterns here.

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Brick Stitch Bracelet PatternsBrick Stitch Bracelet Patterns

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