Here's another Halloween peyote bracelet, with plenty of time to get beading before Halloween gets here.  This bracelet is a bit wider than what I normally make, 2.25 inches.  You can either put two toggles on it, or put a magnetic clasp on it.  If you use a magnetic clasp, then you have to add more rows to both ends since you won't have the clasp adding much more space like you do with a toggle clasp.  When ordering a magnetic clasp, remember, you need to pay attention to the size of the opening, not the size of the clasp. You might have to add or subtract a couple of columns to fit the clasp, so order the clasp first to make sure the bracelet fits.  Some of them also have very wide openings because they are meant for leather.  Remember, you will have to either add 2 columns, or a column of brick stitch. The length of the pattern is 6.37 inches.  The pattern goes right to the edge, so you can add a lot of purple rows to both ends to extend the length.

Halloween peyote bracelet

If you're looking for a free Halloween bracelet pattern, check out my Stacked Pumpkins bracelet.  You can also find the instructions for making the toggle clasp here.

The BOO! pattern can be purchased on the Patterns and Kits page.   If you like my patterns, then check out The Bead Vault. It contains all of my patterns and tutorials. For a small fee, you can have lifetime access to everything that's in the Bead Vault. That also includes all the patterns I will EVER release in the future! This is a great opportunity and this low price won't last forever!

BOO! Halloween Peyote Bracelet

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