This week I have something a little different from all the peyote bracelets I've been doing.  I actually love doing a beading pattern with seed beads, so this week I have a project that has both.

Christina Jewelry Set

The bracelet is an inch and a half wide, but you can make it wider or more narrow by adding or subtracting columns.

The bracelet is odd count peyote.  Now, if you just let out a groan, then I have a little trick for you that will make odd-count a breeze.  If you didn't let out a groan, then you probably already know how to do it. 

This is the traditional way of doing it:

odd count peyote graphic

All that sewing around makes your head spin!  Now, this is how I would do it if it were the last row to make sure that the bead that's hanging out there is secure.

But, when you are in the middle of the rows, then this is an easier way:

odd count peyote graphic

It's like doing brick stitch as you go.  If you like peyote bracelets then check out my Crossing the Line bracelet or the Irish Luck geometric bracelet.

The necklace I made with seed beads and a few other miscellaneous beads I had on hand.  You could use whatever beads were handy for the decorations, they don't have to be exactly the size I used.

seed bead necklace

The same with the earrings you can make them as simple or as dramatic as you want.

seed bead earrings

These days I opt for a little less dramatic. But you can easily add additional beads to the bottom of them to give them more drama.

If you like this beading pattern with seed beads, stay tuned I have more coming.  Better yet, sign up for my emails so you don't miss anything!

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Beading Pattern with Seed BeadsBeading Pattern with Seed Beads

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