This is the first peyote beaded flower pattern that I have created.  You can check out how I arrived at this specific design in my post, Pansy Beaded Flower Pattern.  When I first started beading, I saw all these beautiful flower patterns floating around the internet but I had no clue how to actually make them.  So, it was no surprise that other people were experiencing the same problem!  I put together three videos that show you how to bead all the pieces and how to sew them together to make this adorable pansy.

beaded red pansy

It was merely chance that I chose red beads for the pansy I was making in the video.  I already had a pink, blue and purple pansy, and it just so happened I had three shades of red beads on hand.  What my pansy needed next was a couple of leaves.

beaded pansy flower

You can check out How to Bead a Leaf if you've never made one before.  

Since it's Summer and that (usually) makes one think of July 4, picnics and parades, I was inspired to make a red, white and blue bracelet.  I just happened to have blue delicas (silver-lined frost medium blue DB-0693)  that looked amazing with the white and the red beads!

beaded pansy bracelet pattern

Now, there's not really anything special about this bracelet. I made the blue part 20 rows and the white part 6 rows.  You can adjust these rows to make the bracelet as wide as you like.  You will have to sew the ends of the white strip onto the edge of the blue strip, and the pansy in the middle, with or without leaves.  

The only tricky part is creating the holes to weave the white band through.  Here's how that's done.

Step 1.

In this example, there are 6 columns on the top and bottom of the opening and the opening is 8 columns.  You're going to peyote 4 rows, 3 beads each row (up, down, up down).  You're thread will be coming out the bottom as shown in the picture below.

how to bead a hole

Step 2.

Weave around to the top of the hole.  

Peyote 3 beads up, down, up, down (4 rows again)

a hole in a beaded bracelet
finished hole in beaded bracelet

Step 3.

Now pick up 8 beads (or however many beads your opening is) and go through the first bead at the top of the hole.  Weave to the top of the row, do not add any more beads.

completing beaded hole
beaded hole

Step 4.

Now continue with peyote as normal.

Here are the counts for the bracelet.

  • 100 rows
  • 7 rows from the end of the bracelet to the first hole.
  • The hole is 8 columns long and 4 rows wide.
  • It's 21 rows between the first 2 holes and 9 rows between the second and third hole.
  • 37 rows in the middle section where the pansy is attached.
  • The main bracelet takes two 7.5gm tubes of Delicas.

If you are looking for a peyote beaded flower pattern, then grab my pansy pattern below.

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