This is part 2 of my beaded earrings designs tutorial.  If you missed part 1 which was all about fringe earrings, you can catch it here.  In part 2, I'm going to show you how to make a different kind of dangling earring, I call them reef coral earrings.

These earrings are very easy to make, you can make them as long or as full as fits your style.

I started out with plain, one color beads.

purple dangling earrings

Nothing wrong with that, it's just that I'm not a one color bead kind of gal.  The purple earring was made with #15 rocailles, so I decided to try #11 Delicas.

I started out with pink Delicas and #15 silver rocailles to round out the bottom, but it wasn't doing much for me, so I added in some light pink beads.  I was just messing around with the design so the whole think would have to be re-done, but I want to show you that you can create your own random designs with this type of earring.

I really felt like I hit the jackpot with this ombre one.  Maybe because it's my favorite colors!  I'm thinking it needs another strand to make it look fuller.

ombre DIY dangling earrings

You will need:

- Earring wires

- Beading thread or 4lb Fireline

- Beads - I think Delicas or #15 rocailles work best, but probably can be done with seed beads

- Beading needle

DIY earrings step 1
Step 1

Pick up 10 to 12 beads and loop through earring wire.  Tie a knot to secure. 

diy earrings step 2
Step 2

Pick up enough beads to give you the length you want.  Depending on how you are going to finish your ends, either loop 3 beads and go around, or add a bead and go back through, I added a #15 and went back through 9 beads. 

NOTE: The amount of beads you add for an offshoot or the number of beads you travel back up the line is totally up to you.  If I give any numbers it is just as an example.

diy earrings step 3
Step 3

Add 12 Delicas and a #15 to create an "offshoot".

diy earrings step 4
Step 4
Go half way back up this offshoot and create another offshoot.
Step 5

Continue going back up the line creating offshoots as you go.

NOTE: I like to create my length first and then work back up so that I know how long my earring will be and how to space everything out.  Also, it leaves me ready to start the next strand instead of being at the bottom and having to weave back up.

diy earrings tutorial
earring tutorial
beaded earrings instructions
Step 6

When you get back to the top, do it all over again with another strand.

Continue adding strands until you have reached your desired fullness.  I stopped at 2, but I might go for 3.

I hope you enjoyed this beaded earrings designs tutorial.

Beaded Earrings Designs – Part 2Beaded Earrings Designs – Part 2

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