You've Never Seen A Bead Board Like This!

Keep your supplies handy with built in drawers and your beads separated with the deep wells.

Finally a Bead Board that Works for You!

Bead Board Envy has deep wells to keep your beads in place and large drawers to store your beads, thread and cutters.  It has a large work area made of Vellux to keep your beads from rolling around as you work.

Bead Board Envy has built-in drawers that keep all of your supplies at your fingertips.


This feature is unique to Bead Board Envy!

Keeping Track of the Bead Numbers

 When you are working with a pattern that has a lot of bead colors, let's say greater than 10, it's difficult to keep track of which bead correlated to which letter in the pattern.  Alphabet beads do the trick, but how do you keep them in place?  Pins constantly get tangled up in your thread.

Magnetized Letters

 The Large Bead Board Envy now has 18 magnets corresponding to the 18 wells AND 18 more magnets in 2 equal rows for a total of 36 alphabet magnets: A-Z and 0-9.  Each magnet stays put (if it does move, it's easily put back) and it doesn't get all tangled up in your thread.

This Is A Revolutionary New Board!

Keep Your Beads Organized

18 deep wells, 36 lettered bead markers, keep all your beads in neat 'piles' according to the pattern you are beading. (10 wells and 25 bead markers on the small board)

Beads Don't All Roll Together

The board surface is made with Vellux* so your beads won't all roll into each other every time the board gets knocked.

Keep Your Supplies Handy

Wide drawers provide plenty of room for beads, thread, cutters, all of your supplies!


Lettered Wells to Match Your Pattern

Do you have a hard time remembering which bead matches up to which letter in your pattern? The deep wells keep your beads in neat 'piles' and the bead markers identify it's place in the pattern.


Deep Wells to Keep Your Beads Separated

No more worrying about the board getting jostled and all of the beads rolling into one big pile!


Drawers That Hold all Your Supplies

Traveling with Bead Board Envy is made easier because everything you need to take with you will fit into the drawers!  

The Large Board Now Comes with ONE BIG Drawer!!  

No more fumbling between 2 drawers trying to find what you are looking for, Bead Board Envy now comes with one big drawer that holds everything!

Customer stories

Sandra M.

Love it, love it, love it!

I think you have really made me a beautiful, workable bead board and I am very happy.

Diana D.

High quality workmanship.  I absolutely love it.

Valerie M.

You have truly brought to market a completely new concept   Having all my tools in one drawer and having up to 20 tubes of beads the size I use in the other

Two New Bead Board Envy Mini's!

Check out the latest edition to our lineup!

  • 8x11 Bead Board
  • 8x8 Bead Board


Protect Your Beads!

The Bead Board Cover is 80 - 90% effective in keeping your beads in place on the board while moving it around, even through summersaults!

Since each Bead Board is handmade, no 2 are exactly alike.  The cover is made to fit each board, so it must be ordered at the time the board is ordered.  Don't miss out!


Bead Board Envy Sleeve!

The Bead Board Envy Sleeve is a must-have if you are traveling with your bead board and you need to store it in your luggage.  With the cover and the sleeve, there is no need to put all your beads back in the containers when traveling!

  1. 1

    The neoprene sleeve keeps everything securely in its place.
  2. 2

    The 8-inch pouch (included) holds all your beads and supplies.
  3. 3

    The sleeve also helps protect your board from dirt and wear when not in use.

30 Day Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee!


Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, simply return the board within 30 days of purchase and I will promptly issue a refund.  

Customize Your Board!

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Please Note!

If you see a fabric/vinyl/elastic color combination that you LIKE or DON'T Like, please let me know in the comments section.  I will attempt to email you to confirm vinyl and elastic colors when appropriate.