It's that time of year again when I put together my 2024 Printable Calendar.  I went all out in 2022, adding planner pages to my calendar, none of which got used by me.  What can I say, no matter how many good intentions I have, I am just not the planner type.  I was so busy making bead boards last year, that I never got around to even making a calendar.   I got an early start this year, and am happy to share with you my 2024 Printable Calendar.  They even have November and December 2023, so you can download them now and start using them right away!

Actually, I have 2: My usual floral one and a bold and colorful retro one.

Sometimes you feel like flowers and sometimes you want color.

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It's amazing how with all of the technology we now have, nothing beats having a calendar on your refrigerator where you can see at a glance all of the important things you've got going on for the month.  For us, it's doctor's appointments.  I can easily see when my husband will be off from work to attend an appointment (they want him to take the whole day) and I know I won't get much work done that day.  Many would describe him as "Mr. Needy", not just me.

I can see if the grandkids are coming for a weekend, when the dogs need their heartworm and flea medicine, keep track of haircuts and the last time I dyed it so that I have an idea of when I need to do it again.

I would have to say, that a printed calendar, stuck to your refrigerator is one of the most useful things in the house!

"Printables" seems to be a big buzzword in 2023.  If it can be printed, you will find it for sale on Etsy.  I thought I might get in on the fun, which was my motivation to get started on my printable calendar.  But I soon realized that it was just an easy distraction.  Making a couple of bucks here and there on a printable anything is not what I need to focus on.  Making my bead boards keeps me busy and that's enough for me.  I'll leave the printable business to someone who wants to make a real go of it.

But, I had already put together the calendars, and so I offer them to you for free.  Minus the planners.  I know I won't use any of those pages, so this year I didn't bother with them. Like I said before, noone ever used the word "organized" when describing me.  It's Ok, it's who I am.

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Use the links below to gain instant access to my calendars.

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