Welcome to the 2021 printable calendar.  For the past couple of years, I have been making my own calendar.  Honestly, I'm just too cheap to spend $15 on a calendar.  I don't care how good the pictures are.  I usually put watercolor flowers as the design, I just love watercolor flowers, but it seems my husband has gotten a little tired of the flowers and suggested I do something different. Perhaps something more "outdoorsey"?  Perhaps not.

Since I'm the one making the calendar, I decided on a bead theme.  That makes perfect sense.  I did concede one thing to him and put the lunar calendar on it.  I am happy to share this calendar with you, in case, you too, don't like spending $15 on calendars.  And who wants to wait until February to get one at half price?

2021 printable calendar

I know a lot of people are happy to say goodbye to 2020, but at my age, I realize that every day I spend above ground is a gift.  There is no guarantee when I go to bed at night that I will wake up in the morning, nor is there a guarantee that 2021 will be any better than 2020.  I take each day as it comes, each day is a part of the journey of my life.  

I do predict that we will have lots of time on our hands as Covid continues to force shutdowns and keep us indoors.  So many beading projects to get caught up on.  Become a member of the Bead Vault and enjoy all the patterns and tutorials for one low price.  I am busy working on new patterns, still lots to come.

In this ultra digital age, it's funny how we still want a printed calendar.   We want to write appointments on it, birthdays, parties, graduations, etc. We need to see our months visually, picture how it is all going to fit together.  We don't want to forget anything important.  I think I've mentioned before that my husband is a bit OCD.  He writes everything on the calendar.  When to give the dogs their monthly pills, when to change his razor blade, when he changed his toothbrush.  But he doesn't write the really important things like which days he took as vacation at work.

I hope you have use for this 2021 printable calendar.  You can download it here.

2021 Printable Calendar2021 Printable Calendar

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